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October 2018



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Make Magic

I Made Mascarpone!

I wanted to make Zuppa Inglese which is a sponge cake soaked in liqueur and layered with pudding. But that is so close to Tiramisu that I bought a package of ladyfingers so I could make both.

Mascarpone cheese is a bit expensive and hard to find so I tried making it myself. I bought whole milk and mixed in some citric acid I had left over from my mozzarella experiments. I really should have looked at the recipe because Mascarpone is made from cream, not milk, and everyone says you should heat it first. So technically what I made wasn't really mascarpone. But it was a pleasant soft cheese that went well with the lady fingers soaked in Kahlua.

My local liquor store didn't have any alchermes liqueur, that is the classic ingredient in Zuppa Inglese, and recommended that I use cinnamon schnapps or orange liquor instead. So I got a tiny one shot bottle of each of those. And a bottle of grenadine for color.

I made a bowl of vanilla custard this evening and it is cooling in the fridge for the Zuppa Inglese.

You know there is a whole generation of kids who have grown up not knowing about the "skin" that forms on top of real homemade pudding?! That is the best part! And they don't even know that it ever existed.


Pudding skin is indeed delicious. :-)

This sounds completely yummy. It's good to know you can make your own mascarpone.
As cheeses go it is stupid simple: mix in a little lemon juice into some heavy cream and strain in a coffee filter overnight.

What I made with the whole milk was more like a soft Paneer. But it worked well with my first try at tiramisu.