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Lady Sheherazahde's Journal

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Lady Sheherazahde Lachesis
11 April 1966
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I am a Wiccan Priestess with a B.A. in Religion and Social Change (Sociology).

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If "Sheherazahde" (shuh-hair-uh-zahd) is to long for you to type you can call me Zahdé (zah-dee).

I post my recipes in The Family Cookbook. Available as an LJ feed at sistersrecipes

I post my book reviews at What I'm Reading Now. Available as an LJ feed at zahdes_books

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academia, adult fairy tales, aesop, alex grey, andrew goldsworthy, androgyny, andy warhol, arabian nights, bbw, bev doolittle, bisexuality, brian froud, brother's grimm, charles de lint, charles vess, chelsea quinn yarbro, comics, cooking, creative writing, cyberpunk, dark fantasy, david macaulay, diane arbus, diane duane, discworld, douglas adams, dystopia, edward gorey, ellen datlow, emma bull, fable, fairy tales, fantasy art, fat acceptance, fat activism, feminism, feminist sci-fi, feminist science fiction, feminist utopias, feminists, fernando botero, folktales, frida kahlo, gender, gender fucking, gender issues, genderbending, greg bear, grimm brothers, hans christian anderson, healthy cooking, healthy recipes, hieronymus bosch, homosexuality, human sexuality, intentional community, jack zipes, james tiptree jr., jane yolen, jessica amanda salmonson, joan d. vinge, joanna russ, john varley, judith merril, kate wilhelm, laurell hamilton, lee killough, lesbianism, literature, m.c. esher, mary shelley, michael demeng, michael kaluta, michael moore, myth, mythology, myths, namio harukawa, nanowrimo, neil gaiman, neo-pagan, neopagan, nick bantock, nicola griffith, pagan, paganism, pamela sargent, pat cadigan, pat murphy, patricia mckillip, patrick woodroffe, phoebe rudomino, political action, polyamory, religion, rené magritte, reproductive freedom, robert mapplethorpe, salvador dali, samuel delany, samuel r. delany, sandman, sapiosexuality, sci-fi, science fiction, sexuality, sharon shinn, sheri s. tepper, social theory, sociology, speculative fiction, spirited away, stargate, tanith lee, terri windling, terry pratchett, una woodruff, urban fantasy, ursula k. le guin, ursula vernon, utopia, vonda n. mcintyre, wendy pini, wicca, wiccacraft, wiccan, william gibson, witch, witchcraft, witches, women visionaries, yann arthus-bertrand, zenoic regression, ,

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